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    Hello comunity, thx for invitation, and I hope its ok if I write on english, becouse my swedish is still not so god … Im from Bosnia, but now I lm for few months in sweden. One of my passion is also vanlife, and vw vans. I use to have few t2 and t3, but now Im working on my project my dream car t3 westfalia syncro. I have my westy 1984 in Bosnia, and I buy one nice doka in sweden, and plan is to build my westy on syncro platform…I would like to share my story with you, and hope to meet you on some syncro festival, cheers Hasan

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    Hej Hasan,

    Welcome! 🙂 Good to see you here. English is fine.
    So you will take the drive line from the Doka and fit it to the Westy? Cool project. A bit of work but you will have one very nice syncro westy!



    Welcome, Hasan! That’s two nice vehicles, that you have there. It will be interesting to follow you merging them into your dream car.

    Occasionally we have quite spontaneous gatherings, but we try to inform about that … feel free to join us.




    Thx guys for nice words, and welcomes . I will update you with my work:)



    Hey Hasan!


    Nice to finally get a chance to talk to you.  Awesome that you joined!
    Thumbs up on the project. Gonna be real interesting seeing your work on them!

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