• It was long time ago, but now Im again in Sweden 🙏. After long thinking about my project, to make my westy on dokas drive line, I decide to save both cars becouse they are in good condition. So I will have both of them. Yesterday I find camper for my doka, so my new project is doka with camper on back. I was lucky to find swedish Easy camper from…[Läs mer]

  • Gowesty13 svarade på ämnet Westy syncro i forumet Projekt 2 år, 9 månader sedan

    Thx guys for nice words, and welcomes . I will update you with my work:)

  • Hello comunity, thx for invitation, and I hope its ok if I write on english, becouse my swedish is still not so god … Im from Bosnia, but now I lm for few months in sweden. One of my passion is also vanlife, and vw vans. I use to have few t2 and t3, but now Im working on my project my dream car t3 westfalia syncro. I have my westy 1984 in…[Läs mer]

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